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Flow Discovery Retreat

15th- 17th September 2021

Doughty House - Trafalgar, VIC

Are you searching for greater fulfilment and a better experience of life in all areas?

Experience peak performance, deep contentment and easeful growth through fun, evidence-based transformational experiences, play and profound connection. 

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Imagine a 3 day retreat that explored 10 different adventures

Imagine a 4 day retreat that explored 10 different adventures that will predictably move you into the physical experience of feeling and performing your best in ways that promote sustained health and wellbeing.


This doesn't mean working harder, striving more and trying to find more motivation. There are better ways to experience genuine and regular states of creativity, passion and performance that are uncommon in everyday life.

What if you were able to map out your “flow profile” and develop the basic habits that get you in the zone in predictable ways?


What if there were practical ways of cultivating these states of wellbeing and performance?

Now you can with Flow Discovery Retreat

What You Will Learn & Experience


Learn How To Move Into "Flow" State


Quiet The Voice In Your Head

What would happen if the voice in your head got quiet for a while...what might you feel, discover or create without the distraction of that brutal inner critic?


Perform At Your Personal Best

It is possible to generate sustained mental, emotional and physical health where you feel and perform your best with more consistency and ease.

We use proven techniques backed by science that predictably move you into “flow” states that primes you to perform and feel your best... physically, emotionally and mentally.

This experience is brought to you by Flow Hub

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