Energetic Leader Podcast Episode 2

With Kanishka Wickrama

Energetic Leader Podcast Episode 2

It was great to catch up with Kanishka Wickrama, ACMA, CGMA, the Chief Financial Officer of Ncell Axiata, on our Peak Play Energetic Leader Podcast.

In this podcast episode, we are exploring Kanishka's (unconventional) journey that enabled him to go from a "wanna be cool IT guy" to becoming one of the top senior executive leaders at the largest telecommunication service provider in Nepal - Ncell.

Kanishka shares some brilliant insights and advice on how one can grow their career from within any organisation, balancing work and family life, and how simple things in life in general can make the biggest difference in one's professional career. The episode is packed with a lot of practical and timeless advice.

Thank you Kanishka Wickrama, ACMA, CGMA. We had a fantastic time chatting with you. Looking forward to having you back on the podcast.