Energetic Leader Podcast Episode 6

With Sharron Jackson

Energetic Leader Podcast Episode 6

In this episode of the Peak Play Energetic Leader podcast, Sunny Dhingra & Kushan Kahadugoda caught up with Sharron Jackson CA, GAICD. Sharron is a senior executive leader with over 30 years of consulting, corporate and education sector experience in finance and strategy fields.

Sharron has worked in CFO and director roles throughout her career. Now, Sharron is focused on helping businesses and individuals achieve their best through executive coaching and guiding organisations through strategy development processes.

In this episode, we explore:
- creating a people first agenda
- striking a win-win balance between work and family/ life
- creating an authentic personal brand
- how courage can be learned
- developing an outcome driven leadership style
- how to be future focused in a way that brings energy & excitement

Thank you very much Sharron for sharing your thoughts and ideas on leadership and life. We look forward to having you back on the podcast.

Links to highlights and full episode are listed below.