Meet The Team

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Sunny Dhingra

Never gifted with natural athletic ability of any sort, Sunny nevertheless enjoys physical activity. A self-confessed aero-nerd, he is still interested in all things aviation and is never one to complain about long-haul flights or long airport layovers. 

After graduating, he landed his dream gig at Boeing in Melbourne, and soon followed that up with a few years working on Airbus projects in Hamburg, Germany. While that passion remained and his various roles have been intellectually challenging, the lack of physical activity – or play – over time was impacting Sunny’s ability to perform at his best across all areas of his life. 

Whilst he dabbled in personal development over time through seminars, books, and YouTube videos, it wasn’t until a chance encounter at a retreat that he learned the importance of play, and experienced what it’s like to live in a state of flow and high-performance.

Still a novice, but nevertheless a keen learner, Sunny is gradually incorporating play and flow-inducing activities in his daily routine.

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Kush Kahadugoda

Professionally, Kush is a data strategist and a business solutions specialist. He has worked in a number of senior roles in different industries ranging from government to financial services.

Kush has always had a strong interest in mind over matter type subjects and mental peak performance. Most of his productive time outside of his professional career revolves around learning and experimenting mental and physical peak performance.

Kush has also played a number of different sporting activities from a young age, but never excelled beyond the amateur level. Some of these sporting activities include: Cricket, Badminton, Squash, Swimming, Wing-Chun, and Krav Maga. Nonetheless, these wide ranging sporting experiences have given Kush great anchoring and reference points later in life.

Kush in a nutshell: an avid learner, a voracious reader, an experimenter.