6 Lesser-Known Ways to Get Better Sleep

You may have already come across a multitude of sleep solutions and hacks. If they seem too onerous and daunting, you might want to try these more achievable suggestions. It is perfectly ok if not all of them are appealing or applicable to you. Start with one or two that feel genuinely achievable and appealing to you. Most importantly, give it a try.

Sleep hack 1: Dim, red light

Use a color-changing lightbulb in the bedroom or install a small red bulb. Why red? Red light mimics sunset. Switching the color is a strong visual cue. Our brain associates it with getting ready for sleep. It's an easy wind-down routine.

Sleep hack 2: Expose yourself to bright sunlight in the mornings

Light sets our circadian rhythms —the times we naturally want to wake up and go to sleep. Exposing ourselves to bright light early in the day shifts our rhythms earlier, without having to try to go to sleep earlier. Whatever we usually do in the mornings, try switching to walking outside as soon as waking up. Let breakfast or shower come afterwards.

Sleep hack 3: Focus on an earlier point in your evening

Instead of over-focusing on what we do right before bed, think about a point earlier in the evening. For example, recording daily expenses or cooking dinner. If we are better organised about whatever happens early in our night, we'll be ready for sleep earlier.

Sleep hack 4: Switch your last caffeinated beverage of the day to half-caf

The way to get the best sleep would be to consume no caffeine and no alcohol . Both disrupt sleep. If we want to sleep like we did as a teenager, completely ditching caffeine might get us there. Or at least start by switching to half-caf or de-caf.

Sleep hack 5: Find content that only requires listening, not watching

If struggling with worry or rumination, we may find that entertainment helps us get to sleep. Standard suggestions are to listen to an audiobook, a meditation, or relaxing sleep sounds (like sounds of rain or a crackling fire). Don't go for anything that requires doing something, such as reading, writing, or DIY.

Sleep hack 6: Take to-dos off your mind

If you find yourself thinking "I need to remember to do X in the morning," try to take that off your mind. For example, if there is something you need to take with you, put it in your car or at your front door so that forgetting it will be impossible. Transfer your to-dos from your mind to somewhere physical or digital.

We could all practice perfect sleep hygiene. But most of us who know about good sleep hygiene buck that in some ways, and still choose to use our phones or TVs in the evenings. If you can't do what's ideal—or don't want to—try the above suggestions. If you can't/ unable to do what's best, do what's good—or at least good-ish!

In addition to the above, you may also find that a high quality natural sleep enhancing supplement, like Qualia Night, can also greatly assist in promoting more deep and regenerative sleep.

If you find yourself in front of digital devices like smartphones, tablets and screens, trying using a high quality pair of blue light blocking glasses, such as Baxter Blue Clark frame or Baxter Blue Lola frame glasses to reduce sleep interfering blue light and eye strain.


Credit: Psychology Today

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