Five Things You May Be Doing Wrong With Your Coffee

Whether it's choosing the wrong glass for your wine or abiding by old-school whisky rules, we make mistakes every day when it comes to how we eat and drink. And buying and making coffee is no exception. Drinking a mug of perfectly brewed coffee is like hearing a symphony. But bad coffee - that’s a song coffee lovers never want to hear.

Even the most experienced coffee drinkers still run into issues from time to time. This article will provide you with some insights on how to fix common coffee issues and brew the best coffee for yourself to kick start your day with the happiness of a great tasting coffee.

In addition to the above, following the these 4 coffee rules will ensure that you would get to a great brewed coffee when it's needed and wanted the most.

  1. Buy Fresh Coffee: The minute coffee is roasted, it is exposed to oxygen, moisture and light, and begins to go stale. For the best possible outcome, buy your coffee fresh from a local roaster. For supermarket coffee, check the date on the bag. Coffee should always be consumed within 2 to 4 weeks of roasting. If there is no date on the bag, skip it altogether.

  2. Store Your Coffee Properly: Beans and grounds should always be stored in a cannister – no resealed paper bags or plastic bags. To slow the process of going stale as much as possible, coffee grounds must be kept dark, dry, and especially airtight.

  3. Coffee Maker must be Clean: This may be the most commonly overlooked rule when brewing coffee at home - because we might be thinking that “it’s only water running through it”. Coffee beans contain oil. Water doesn’t wash away all the oil, and oil becomes rancid quickly, leaving our coffee tasting bitter, stale, and greasy. Research the best way to clean the coffee machine you have, and clean it often.

  4. Use Filtered Water: The chemicals and minerals in our tap water (like chlorine, fluoride, and even algae) affect the taste of our coffee far more than we’d expect. Best is to buy a good water filter and use filtered water for the coffee. But, if this is a stretch, simply boil a pan of water and let it cool overnight. It'll make the coffee taste better in the morning.

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Credit: Caffeinated Cup | Bulletproof Coffee

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