How to create more strong, more lasting bonds within our families

Busy, over-worked, over-burdened professionals with young families can often struggle to create meaningful experiences with their families. It’s a dilemma. Aside from feeding our own ambitions of achieving ‘success’ – which we rightly should – we also must work hard to create a better overall life for our family.

We must work hard to create a better overall life for our family

The problem, however, is when we misinterpret the meaning of better lives to mean materialistic possessions, such gadgets for the kids, bigger televisions, better cars, bigger house, etc. In the midst of acquiring things, we can often forget that there are other ways to create meaningful experiences, and stronger and more lasting bonds with our kids. With that in mind, here are some ideas that we can implement to create more strong, more lasting bonds within our families

  1. Create something together – Whether it’s building a sandcastle at the beach, making a 1000-piece puzzle, or cooking a meal together, creating something together requires us to go on a journey, however big or small. And it’s the journey of creativity and teamwork that nurtures our relationship.

  2. Learn something together – There’s a sense of excitement and adventure when we learn something new. Sharing that excitement with our family and loved ones only works to strengthen our connection. Even better, if everyone starts at the same level – e.g. learning to play piano, or learning a new language, not only does it add a friendly dose of competitiveness to the mix, but we also improve our understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

  3. Experience new things together for the first time – whether you’re a thrill seeker or an easy-goer, there’s no shortage of things you can experience together for the first time. It may be a live musical, a game of footy, or even a roller-coaster ride, the joy and excitement of experiencing something new together for the first time can leave a lasting memory.

Some of the activities may be spontaneous, others may require planning. But the common thread among all of the ideas above is that they allow us to cherish each other’s company.

Create, learn or experience things together – however big or small

So the next time you’re looking to spend time with your families or loved ones, have a think about creating, learning or experiencing things together – however big or small.

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