Importance of having sustained energy

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Case Study:

Ben is a busy project manager at a large IT consulting firm in Sydney, Australia. He is in his late 30s and he has a young family - a 3 year old son, and a wife, who is also working full-time. Ben really wants to maintain his energy levels consistently throughout the day.

But, since of late, Ben has been experiencing fluctuating energy levels throughout the day with peaks and troughs. This is not really helping him, as he is not able to perform at his best whilst managing a multitude of projects at work. He often needs to go from one meeting to another and switch focus rapidly. He needs to do all this whilst being fully present and enthusiastic as a lot of people look up to him for leadership, guidance and stability. Essentially, Ben has to bring his “A” game everyday.

Also, when Ben goes home after work, he noticed that his mood is not always the best and he feels quite drained. As a result, he is not able to run around and play with his 3 year old son, and also be present with his wife with a good positive mood.

How can Ben set himself up for success so that he can face both his professional life and personal life full of energy and presence?


This is quite common for many professionals. The “Yo-Yo” effect of energy is quite a challenging thing to manage, if we don’t follow a good routine and plan. Often, we end up consuming too many coffees or other energy products just to overcome the effects of this up and down energy throughout the day. This is both habit forming and carries long term health issues (especially the energy drink supplements and high caffeine drinks).

The solution to Ben’s “yo-yo” energy experience is quite a simple one. The best remedy for this is often having a great morning routine that would get Ben started on the right gear and then allow him to shift to higher gears as the day progresses.

So, what is a morning routine? A morning routine is a set of activities that you would commit to performing upon waking up as the first order of the day. You must commit to these regardless of whether you feel like it or not (except for some specific circumstances such as health conditions).

Early mornings are very powerful for setting intentions and directions for the day. If we start the day with a high burst of energy, we will often find that we can set the tone for the full day ahead of us. Many successful and impactful people have some form of morning routine they follow. The key here is consistency and commitment to following the routine you create.

A powerful morning routine will enable you to stay mentally strong and resilient. Also, adopting a powerful morning routine could lift your physical health quite substantially.

What could this morning routine blueprint look like? It has 7 core elements as follows:

  1. Wake up early (or based on your body clock function)

  2. A deep breathing exercise to quickly alkalise and energise the body.

  3. Get moving physically - i.e. stretches, a quick physical workout to get the heart pumping etc.

  4. Good hydration: Large glass of water, a warm glass of lemon with essential greens etc

  5. A good shower (cold shower if you are able to)

  6. Some form of fasting

  7. Energy release and creating nootropics (high quality natural ones)


Ben started on the above routine blueprint a few weeks ago. Whilst most items were easy enough, item 6 was particularly challenging for Ben since he is not used to any form of regular fasting. But, he is enthusiastically working on it.

Ben also purchased some high grade natural energy release and focus enabling supplements like the Qualia products to give him an extra hand whilst establishing the routine and hit the ground running from day 1.

As a result, two weeks into it, Ben is experiencing more sustained energy and focus. Also, others can feel his presence more, whether Ben’s at work or home. The energy slump Ben used to experience at around 2.30pm - 3.30pm is no longer an issue. When he comes home from work, Ben still has sufficient energy for his son, wife and himself.

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