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Peak Play is the brainchild of two friends, Kush and Sunny. 

Both are in their thirties, working corporate jobs, and both have long been experimenting in personal development space through books, coaching and lifestyle changes.  A chance encounter at a retreat introduced them to the idea of ‘flow state’, or as many refer to it as being ‘in the zone’. 

Keen to explore more about becoming ‘flow-prone’ after the retreat, both were somewhat left disappointed to discover a lack of a one-stop-shop where professionals such as ourselves could head to learn more about flow and peak performance, and to find tools and technologies that will enable us to become the best version of ourselves.

Not long after, Peak Play was born. We established Peak Play to be a solution hub for professionals who want to experience peak mental and physiological states for career and life enhancement. We will do this through cutting-edge tools, technologies, and blueprints to help our clients consistently perform at peak states.

We come from corporate backgrounds, but we have a strong focus on peak performance. Hence, we want to bring the core tenets of peak performance to the corporate world, especially for early - mid career professionals, who need to perform at peak levels not just to excel in their chosen careers, but also to be the best in their family lives. We believe that being able to perform in all aspects of life at peak energy levels is key to achieving long-term success.